IT Recruitment

In today’s competitive digital world the need for IT talent has never been more in demand. These skilled professionals deliver super-human skills that power the world in technology and assist the organisations like us to grow in competitive markets.

Find Your IT Talent

IT is one of our busiest sectors with 70% of our clients requiring us to fill an IT vacancy at some point. We support clients IT requirements by recruiting the best talent on a contractual basis so there is no cost involved to you as an employer.

These IT professionals could be based at your offices or they could be working from our offices to support your business needs. You will also have an opportunity to interview your candidate before they could be assigned to particular assignment. Once the contract is over than you could simply extend or end the contract.

We have helped many organisations from teams of web developers to those pipelining and building teams of 50+ heads for global IT service providers. Whether you are a new business or a global brand, we are equipped to meet your recruitment needs from the day one.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge across all IT and technology disciplines, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

What are the main benefits?

1. Cost savings

The main benefit of getting your IT needs through us is the cost savings. You don’t need to enter into any employment contract or employment related cost’s to fulfil you technology needs.

2. Stay focused on your core activities

Managing a technology team requires a considerable amount of time and resources. By moving your workload you can stay focused on your core activities whilst we support your departments with your strategy or projects that can have a direct impact on your revenue.

3. Save your time

Recruiting an IT Professional with special skills can be done using other companies with access to a large pool of resources. We have over 100 IT professionals with specialist discipline and large variety of platforms. Instead of paying for the processes of recruitment, selection, training and development of employees you can recruit directly a temporary employee who has already completed these prerequisites.

4. Faster Implementation of technology

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. A quality outsourced service company like Magsi Group has the resources to start new projects right away. We bring more than 10 years of experience with a large pool of talented. Here you will find a full range of technologies experts ready to build and maintain your custom made projects and products.

5. Lower capital needs

By not committing to full time positions you can use your cash-flow directly to your product development. The fixed costs give more flexibility on your budget. You also can have people project based and not full time, depending on your business needs.

6. Speed to market

The actual environment requires organisations to adjust tactics quickly to meet consumer demands. Many times the internal team cannot meet all the requirements in time, as they require additional skills or changes to the current technology. Our services significantly reduce the time for recruiting new IT resources. This allows your organisation to be more agile and bring projects faster to their customers.

7. Stability

We are a reliable partner, managing dedicated teams of professionals. This experience is illustrated by a large portfolio of successfully delivered projects. We work with you to ensure your requirements are delivered in a timely fashion.

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