What We Can Offer

At Magsi Group Properties we specialise in assembling bulk deals that provide both small and large investors with access to heavily discounted investment opportunities. However, there are many other services that form part of the deal. We have flexible range of services which allow our investors to be as involved as they would like to be. Many prefer to be completely hands-off; this results in our team taking care of each step of the process. This may include the furnishing of the property, recommending mortgage brokers, solicitors and letting and ongoing management of your buy to let investment.

Magsi Group clients get access variety to pre-negotiated discounted rates on services, which are only available exclusively to our investors. Some investors choose to take care of these areas themselves if they prefer a more hands on approach to property investment. The most important aspect is that all of our investors are able to take advantage of our ability to negotiate properties in bulk, resulting in all of our property deals being heavily discounted and high yielding.

Below is a list of the key services we offer investors:

1. Property Deals

As a group of experienced property investors and backed up by a solid core team of knowledgeable individuals, our team negotiate bulk deals that simply cannot be found elsewhere. As a result, all of our properties are heavily discounted, high income producing investments that are low risk. We work closely with our investors in selecting the right property deals that are tailored to meet their investment requirements and help to achieve long term financial objectives.

2. Due Diligence

Given our many years of experience in property investment, more specifically negotiating large bulk deals, we have a very clear and detailed due diligence process that we carry out on every single property deal. This due diligence process can take several weeks as we develop an understanding of the build quality, local property values, the strength of the rental demand, typical sales prices, rental prices, other nearby investments, transport routes, local amenities and much more. Many of our investors have invested significant sums of money into our bulk deals over the years and it is they who are witness to our emphasis on carrying out detailed due diligence. This in turn means that our investors continue to be provided with safe and secure investments that yield continued profit over both the short and long term.

3. Solicitors

Solicitors play a key role in the acquisition of our bulk property deals, our solicitors are experienced in carrying out multiple transactions at a time. This allows us to pre-negotiate discounted fees exclusively for our investors. This also helps to avoid unnecessary costs and delays that often occur on regular property transactions. However, some of our investors do choose to use their own solicitor if they already have a long standing relationship with them.

4. Mortgages

Using a mortgage to purchase investment property plays a huge role in the strategy of most of our investors. This means that the capital sum they are investing into property can often be spread over several properties that will lead to higher returns from their investments. We can recommend ‘all of market’ mortgage brokers who will work closely with you to understand your position and help give you access to the best buy to let mortgages in the market. Often the best mortgages can be found with banks that are not typically found on the high street and our mortgage brokers will work with you to ensure that your portfolio is supported by the best mortgages that will help you to achieve your financial objectives.

5. Furniture

In the current buy to let market most properties need to be furnished. This helps investors to let out the properties much quicker and to achieve higher returns as well as making tax savings. Our relationships with reputable furniture providers ensures that our investors get access to high quality, heavily discounted furniture packs because we furnish the properties in bulk. However, due to the nature of our bulk deals, many of our properties are already tenanted so the existing furniture is included in the purchase price. This makes it a much more attractive proposition for our investors.

6. Letting and Management

Letting and management plays a crucial role in the success of buy to let property. Our investors do not need to worry as our team of experienced associates will take care of this for you. We will fully manage the property on your behalf so that any issues that might arise are swiftly dealt with and our investors can remain completely hands off. We will also be responsible for rent collection, and ensuring these funds are then passed over to you each month. We can also bring deals to our investors that are already pre-tenanted, ensuring you gain a return from day one.

7. Personal Service

We understand that every investor is different, some of our investors are new to the buy to let market and require more personal service. Other are more experienced and prefer that we keep them updated on upcoming property deals so they can commit to the purchase at the earliest opportunity. Either way, we pride ourselves on being highly experienced property associates who provide our investors with a personal service that suits their requirements and helps them achieve their investment ambitions.

8. Portfolio Builder

Many investors are looking to build a balanced property portfolio that provides a combination of short term income and long term security with low risk and strong returns. Using our experience, we can help you devise a detailed strategy that will be monitored over a set period to ensure performance targets are achieved. This entails understanding the amount of capital you are looking to invest and then carefully selecting different properties that work well together within a well balanced portfolio.

9. High Net Worth Investors

For those clients looking to invest upwards of $500,000 we would invite you to meet our Managing Director to discuss certain investment opportunities that suit your requirements.

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